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Which Fuel - Premium, E10 or Unleaded?

Just want to find out which fuel is the best for my wrangler. I heard people get a lot more mileage out of their petrol engines when they use premium (95 and more octane) instead of unleaded. As well I heard that E10 has increased octane number. What do you guys use?

Just go with the regular stuff mate. Going Premium or higher grade octane fuel is could be harmful and you won't feel a difference anyway.

Keep in mind that the higher the octane rating the higher the resistance of the fuel to burn is. You use higher octane fuel only in engines with higher compression otherwise you have to adjust the ignition timing (dyno tune). You will put your engine on risk if it is not setup for it (over time) and it causes higher emissions which then again causes valve problems as not properly burned fuel can clock up your valves. Have a look what your handbook says.

The 6g74 in my pajero need a 95 premium minimum. I sometimes run the 91 which I don't notice too much of a difference, prob just a little down on power.

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