Signs of Tyre Wear and what causes them

The only thing that keeps your car riding smoothly along the road and let it stick to the tarmac, gravel, mud and rocks are tyres. Having good tyres will be your insurance for stability, braking, handling, safety, fuel economy and performance of your vehicle and ensuring that they are in the best possible condition is imperative. A worn tyre is not only a hassle but can be leading to a dangerous situation on the road. Read here how to recognise what causes unusual tyre wear.

Understanding Differentials in 4WD Vehicles

Employed to allow for the differences in distance traveled between the inner and outer wheels during turns, differentials are present in all vehicles. 4WD vehicles, however, have a differential in each axle. A full-time 4WD vehicle has a center differential contained in the transfer case, as well. The reason for the center differential is because the front wheels of a full-time 4WD will rotate faster than the ones in the back under certain conditions, such as turning corners and forward movement.

Understanding the Differences in 4WD Systems

If you’re contemplating getting a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the differences inherent in each different type of 4WD setup.