Ridge Ryder 9500Lb


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Ridge Ryder 9500Lb

When it comes to winches, this Ridge Ryder 9,500Lb 4WD recovery winch is up there with the best. Complete with all the basics, this winch is perfect for any heavy duty application. This kit includes 28 meters of 8.3mm wire rope cable, power cables, a hook strap and a clevis hook, as well as a simple to understand instruction manual.

After the winch has been professionally installed, using the Ridge Ryder 9,500Lb is very straightforward. The unit is supplied with both a wired and wireless remote switch, allowing the user to operate the winch from a safe position. This unit also features an easy to operate clutch designed to reduce binding and automatic In-The-Drum braking for peace of mind.

5.5HP/ 4.0KW 12V parallel series wound motor - 3-Stage planetary geartrain

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Owner Reviews

3.5 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
  • 31. May 2014 - 10:26 HillsForThrills said

    Have had mine for a few years and it has had some HARD usage... Not a failure to note yet...

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