Magnum 9,000LB


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Magnum 9,000LB

Warn's Tabor - Magnum 9's compact body and separate control pack lets it work effectively in very tight spaces. It uses the 4.3 hp motor and planetary gearing offered on most of Warn's winches, so torque and line speed are outstanding. A quiet, double-durable winch, pure and simple.
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Owner Reviews

3.0 Stars based on 1 User Review
  • 31. May 2014 - 17:09 NAVMAN said

    I bought the winch over 2 years ago and am very impressed with the performance. The weather sealing on the gearbox leaves a bit to be desired as water easily gets into the gearbox. However if you can upgrade it to the 9000i parts easily as they interchange.
    servicing is straight forward only needing allen keys to pull it down once off the car.
    the magnum is a budget model made by warn utilising the same design as the 9000i but without the weather seals on the drum. The solenoids perform faultlessly every time. The winch will pull my pajero up a 30+ degree incline on a single line pull.
    Would I buy another, sure. But id probably save for the name brand bigger brother if I manage to kill this one somehow.

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  • 3. Jun 2014 - 07:46 NAVMAN said

    Well turns out I did kill the motor. But it has been absolutely tortured for a budget winch. It has dragged my pajero sideways in chassis deep mud, single line pulled up 30+ degree inclines with super long pulls without rest. So for a budget winch (3 years ago) its given me more service and done much harder work than I intended.
    I had a quick look for a new motor and itll be about $400 to replace. So decision time I guess. Rebuild the current winch or save up for a new bigger capacity winch.

    NAVMAN's Rating  

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