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Wild Boar Snorkel

The Wild Boar Snorkel is especially made for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Its iconic design is what sets it apart from all other offroad snorkels. This snorkel is designed to adapt to the body shape of the Wrangler to give it a unique look and reduce wind noise and drag at the same time. The design flows with the JK body style and keeps the field of vision absolutely unobstructed.

The snorkel is made from black LLDPE plastic to withstand UV light and hard beatings on the tracks. The Wild Boar Snorkel can be used with the stock air box to avoid warranty issues. It comes with all fitting parts for the Wrangler 3.8 litre as well as the 3.6 litre Pentastar engine no matter if right hand or left hand drive.

The installation requires cutting and drilling which approximately takes 4 to 6 hours depending on the skills and tools used.
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4.0 Stars based on 1 User Review
  • 6. Jun 2017 - 11:26 1mak said

    I am running this Wild Boar snorkel now since two years on my JKU. It was a lucky incident that I actually got one because they don't sell them here in Oz. But a guy on facebook sold one that he brought over from the United States and assured me that everything is fine with it (which it was). He was just too hesitant to cut the necessary holes into his Jeep's body ... which I wasn't. So after I received the package with the snorkel I went to Bunnings, bought a Dremel-like multi tool and some discs and started cutting off the cover between bonnet and pillar. After I got the cover off I had to make a huge round cut through 3 firewalls, using again the dremel and a hole saw. That exercise took me I think 3 needs. 

    After I sealed everything up with silicone I installed the silicon connector to the air box and thought that's it. During my first test drive and after I put my foot down I heard a "fooop". The same noise that a vacuum cleaner makes when you put your flat hand on the exit of the hose. What happened was, that the wide silicon tube that sits between the air filter box and the snorkel has collapsed under the amount of vacuum the engine produced. That's when I realised I forgot to put one more part it, the white plastic expander that goes into this silicon tube. :) Now I am running this snorkel since about 2 years and it still looks like on day one. :) 

    Do I love the snorkel? Yes, because it's the best looking one in my opinion. Would I go through the installation again? God no! Wild Boar really needs to a) find a better way to install it and b) give better and more realistic instructions.

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  • 6. Jun 2017 - 21:51 1mak said

    Also more pictures here: https://www.downthunder.com.au...

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