J.W. Speaker Evolution 8700

Driving Lights

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J.W. Speaker Evolution 8700

The Model 8700 Evolution Series design offers a one-of-a-kind look, The ComfortLite™ high beam delivers additional illumination above the horizon, making it the ideal choice for Jeep owners seeking premium performance off-road LED lights. Available in 2-pack LED light kits, these LED Jeep lights are the way to go for any Jeep installation.

- 1st Jeep-specific LED off-road headlight
- Plug & play installation
- Supports daytime running light (DRL) functionality found on Canadian Jeeps.
- ECE versions (not for use in the U.S.) feature DRL & FP functions.
- New ComfortLite™ high beams
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Owner Reviews

5.0 Stars based on 1 User Review
  • 7. Jul 2016 - 11:40 1mak said

    I am glad I upgraded my headlights. Compared to the stock lights these LED lights make a huge difference. I finally see road markings in bad weather again. The high-beam is a bit disappointing though. Definitely would suggest you invest in an extra set of spot lights.

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