Driving Lights

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Photo of IPF 900XS (HID)
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Designed for serious 4WDers, these extreme performance lights incorporate water and dust resistant components for maximum life expectancy, no matter what the conditions. Sold as single lights. Wiring loom sold separately, part number (WF-3).

Driving Beam
Tough, Heavy Gauge Steel Body
Advanced Heatproof Resin Reflector, Incorporating Water and Dust Resistant Breather
Reflector Surface and Design Optimized to Bulb Design for Ultimate Performance
Hardened Glass Lens
Advanced IPF HID technology
Reinforced Multi Directional Mounting Base
Waterproof Connectors on Bulb Lead and Loom Connection
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Owner Reviews

5.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
  • 21. Jul 2014 - 20:48 NAVMAN said

    Had mine for nearly 3 years, Only issues so far is the screws that hold the ring on the front are a little rusty.

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Dan Thunder

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