HID 75W 7-inch Spot Lights

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HID 75W 7-inch Spot Lights

The 7” HID Spiral Spot Driving lights featuring high performance 6000k ultra bright Xenon Bulb, it can be expected to last up to 30,000 hours. Impeccably constructed with quality inner ballast, heavy duty ABS housing and toughened PMMA glass lens, it will surely last for as long as you need. It's engineered with exclusive ultra bright HID lamps that will provide you with exceptional lighting that is similar to daylight.
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Owner Reviews

4.0 Stars based on 1 User Review
  • 30. May 2014 - 09:14 1mak said

    The 75 Watt version is doing a pretty good job. I had tested it against a 22-inch LED (10 Watt Cree) light bar from a friend and the beam went really far and bright - further then the LED lights but not as much flood/spread light (as they are spotties) as the LED bar in the beginning of the beam. Being HID lights they take about one minute to get to its brightest state (warm-up phase) but they are pretty bright just after turning them on already. The beam is almost white with a touch of blue in it. The set is pretty good, the ballast is built-in in one of the light cases. It comes with a full harnesh (incuding a switch, relais and fuse). The cables should be long enough for all cars.

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