XPrite 80W 7-inch Round LED Headlights

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Retail Price 240 Prices are just a general ballpark figure based on the manufacturers RRP.
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80W 7-inch Round LED Headlights

Each Headlight :6pcs high intensity CREE LEDs & daytime running lights
High Beam: 80W, 8000LM
Low Beam: 40W, 4000LM
IP 68, The high performance of tight waterproof,dust-proof,quake-proof.
The valid irradiation distance is much more longer than normal bulb.
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Owner Reviews

5.0 Stars based on 1 User Review
  • 8. Jul 2017 - 12:07 1mak said

    I replaced my J.W. Speaker Evolution lights with these eBay gems. They had cost me only 240 AUD (a fraction of the price of the JW Speakers) and so far I am very happy and actually impressed with the quality of these lights. First things first, the installation is super easy. Just take off the grille, unscrew the metal rings that hold the current lights in place, unplug the wiring, plug the harness into the new headlight unit, put them in the metal ring, screw the ring on, put back your grille, done. 

    Shouldn't take much longer than half an hour depending on your front setup (bullbar and winch can make it harder). The light output is great and probably 50% lighter than my JW Speakers Evolutions. The beam cutoff is very nice and clean, so you shouldn't have any trouble with not blinding oncoming traffic. 

    You still want to invest into an anti flicker harness if you have one of the newer Wranglers (JK onwards) as will flicker and cause some electrical noise when you use the high beams (apparently due to Jeeps' CANBUS system that's connected to the lights, here's more to that: http://betterautomotivelightin...

    All in all I am very happy. :)

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