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Photo of ALDI Vivid UHF
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  • FM transmission

    Frequency:476.425 - 477.4125MHz

    1~80 channels

  • 5W output power

  • TOT timer

  • One touch to ch35/ch5 (w/o CTCSS or DCS) emergency channels

  • 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS

  • VOX function ( off, 1,2,3,4,5)

  • Call tone melody (5 songs )

  • Rotary switch volume with power on/off

  • LCD back-light function

  • Key back-light

  • 5 steps adjustable and automatic squelch function

  • 20 memory store

  • Repeater function

  • Key lock function

  • Key tone function (selectable on/off)

  • Roger tone function ( selectable on/off)

  • Tx and Rx icon

  • Triple watch function

  • Scan channel/Memory scan

  • Stop watch function (
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Owner Reviews

4.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
  • 30. May 2014 - 09:38 1mak said

    Pretty good bang for the buck. Does everything a UHF radio in the 200 AUD range will do just as well.

    1mak's Rating  

  • 30. May 2014 - 09:52 pajerocom said

    i agree very good uhf clear sound it's attached to a Aerpro UHF Aerial - 4.5DBI 2.5ft work's a treat

    pajerocom's Rating  

  • 25. Aug 2014 - 18:11 BAZZOOK said

    I prefer a rotary squelch nob. Found the ALDI squelch fiddly. Unit works fine tho. I've since refitted it as a second unit to the Uniden. I can monitor two channels or scan with one unit. From memory I paid $60.00.

    BAZZOOK's Rating  

  • 25. Aug 2014 - 18:31 BAZZOOK said

    BAZZOOK's Rating  

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