ARB Deluxe Winchbar


4.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
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ARB Deluxe Winchbar

Specifically designed to suit its respective vehicle, a deluxe bull bar from ARB is engineered for maximum frontal protection. Incorporating numerous features as well as the ability to mount a range of accessories including IPF lights and CB aerials, ARB bull bars offer the ultimate in strength and style.
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Owner Reviews

4.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
  • 29. May 2014 - 23:02 1mak said

    Pretty strong built and withstands most of the street hazards like small kangaroos and even smaller trees. After almost 10 years still no signs of more than surface rust or other kind of wear. Good paint job and the design enables the bullbar to entirely protect the front

    1mak's Rating  

  • 21. Jul 2014 - 21:19 NAVMAN said

    Had mine for 3 years now. Still in the factory powdercoat but starting to show it's age. The finish has bean belted with mud, sand, tall grass and even trees, no rust even starting to surface. Very solid mounts (non airbag) as have dragged my car sideways in 40cm deep mud and not bent. I have 1 spot in the whole time that has bent and that's because I landed that part on a rock.

    NAVMAN's Rating  

  • 14. Sep 2014 - 19:25 anonymous said

    Bought and installed on a 2013 BT-50, little difficult to install and does tend to move independently from the vehicle a little but otherwise a great bar. Clean look to it and is definitely a step up from the Mazda options!

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