Pajero Factory Bash Plates

Bash Plates

3.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
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Pajero Factory Bash Plates

The Pajeros are factory equipped with underbody armor bash plates. They cover the sump guard as well as sensitive parts like radiator, alternator differential. These two bash plates are quiet strong, known weak points are the bolts which tend to break under heavy impact.
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Owner Reviews

3.0 Stars based on 2 User Reviews
  • 17. Apr 2014 - 17:30 1mak said

    Good factory item

    1mak's Rating  

  • 21. Jul 2014 - 21:22 NAVMAN said

    For a factory item they are tough. I've banged and bashed and landed on them many many times and they only laugh it off.

    NAVMAN's Rating  

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