Jeep discovers it's marketing roots

JEEPs incredibly authentic SuperBowl Ads

by Torsten 1mak Schmidt
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With it's more than 110 million of viewers (that was in 2017, the 2018 numbers haven't been published yet) the American Super Bowl is clearly the most anticipated TV event of the year. And for many marketing agencies it's the perfect time to release their new advertisement spots to strengthen branding and public image of their clients.

While common brands usually trying to top each with even more ridiculous over-the-top short films to gain the attention of the masses, Jeep shows a very low centre of gravity (Offroad-Enthusiasts will know that means "down to earth") with their contribution. In this very short clip you see the a red Wrangler Rubicon crossing a river and tackling some rocky terrain. Nothing more, nothing less.

It does what it has been designed, built and admired for since decades. And although the new Wrangler JL model comes with a pretty solid amount of comfort creature upgrades the movie clip makes one thing clear and that is, that you can still use this little adventure machine for the tough stuff that their predecessors have made the Wrangler well known for.

But this wasn't the only clip. Here's another one clip will remind you of a very famous scene in the original Jurassic Park. Enjoy!