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How does Etsy Opencart Integration module benefit small businesses?

An eCommerce marketplace that helps artists to sell unique handmade products to interested buyers is Etsy. Etsy helps sellers to sell their vintage and handmade crafts and also start earning a living on the other side. This helps buyers to own unique products. The reason behind the massive growth of Etsy is the idea of offering a platform to artists.

Etsy started as a simple website in the year 2005 and is now listed as a public company with over $360 Million of total funding. Furthermore, Etsy's business model is somewhat similar to Amazon or eBay, the only difference that makes Etsy different from Amazon or eBay is the Etsy provides an amazing value to both buyers and sellers.

Etsy has chosen a vertical platform. Vertical platforms mean business niches where vendors serve a particular audience and their set of requirements. Further, the vertical platform model has been chosen by Etsy by confining itself to selling only craft products in different categories.

Further, Etsy has built an innovative and technology-based platform to connect over 50 million members. This includes nearly 2 million active sellers as well as 20 million active buyers in almost every country in the world.

According to Etsy's business model, the company will make money only when Etsy sellers make money. In simple words, Etsy's business model is based on shared success. Therefore, selling on the Etsy marketplace offers various advantages that are listed below:

Advantages of Selling on Etsy Marketplace

1. Allows sellers to set up collective stores

If you are owning a small business and somehow couldn't generate plentiful items, Etsy marketplace is the right eCommerce platform for you as it allows sellers to set up collective stores. This marketplace enabled SMEs to come together and combine their products.

2. Access to a huge targeted market

Customers chase on Etsy the unique products. Etsy marketplace allows sellers to enjoy access to a huge targeted market.

3. Easy shopping

Etsy marketplace provides an option of customized versions for various products. Moreover, customers or buyers find shopping easy on Etsy Marketplace and help sellers with super-easy custom orders.

Etsy marketplace offers such great benefits that can help small businesses to expand their business and cater to a worldwide audience.

Knowband OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

Knowband Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator permits sellers to synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace in few simple steps. Moreover, OpenCart Etsy Integration Module offers an effective interface to manage the various operations including product listing, inventory, and orders for the Etsy marketplace. These operations can be handled from the OpenCart admin panel. 

Further, OpenCart Etsy Integration Module offers a user-friendly interface as a result sellers find it easy to use and list their products to the Etsy marketplace. Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator allows bulk uploading of the products with ease. Further, sellers can easily create their profiles to upload the entire category of the OpenCart store to the Etsy marketplace.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin allows the store admin to create as well sync these templates to the Etsy shop through OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Plugin. Moreover, it helps in managing the inventory for the Etsy store products from the back-end. Once the changes have been done in product inventory or attributes in the store, store merchants can synchronize the changes to the Etsy marketplace easily.

Benefits of Etsy Opencart Integration module:

1.OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin offers mapping:

Product attributes and categories of the OpenCart store products can be easily mapped by the sellers with the Etsy store attributes and category.

2.OpenCart Etsy Integration allows order management

OpenCart Etsy Integration plugin helps to manage and to keep track of Etsy shop orders from the store admin panel.

3.Order status:

Using OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration, the admin can easily update the order status of the Etsy marketplace orders from the store admin panel via the CRON job.

4.OpenCart Etsy Integration Module allows selecting a secondary language

Using OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration, the store admin can select a secondary language for the store. Moreover, it can easily synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace shop via the CRON job. 

How to install the extension?

Installing Etsy OpenCart API integration is easy for store admin. Before installing, merchants need to purchase the module. Once purchased, the merchant will receive the following files listed below:

1. Zip- zip file include source code of the module

2. User Manual

Steps to install the extension:

1. Merchant can unzip the zip file including files and folders shown below. 

2. Further, copy all the files as well as folders of the unzipped folder into the root folder of the website.

3. The Etsy OpenCart Connector module is ready to be installed in your store. You can find that in Store Admin -> Modules and Services.


Etsy is a great place to extend the reach of your business and the process of starting the business in the Etsy marketplace becomes easier with the Knowband Etsy OpenCart Integration module. Just like the Etsy OpenCart Integration module for OpenCart, Knowband designs plugins for other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.

For any query, you may write at [email protected].

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