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Roo systems 7hp Winch

So my magnum 9k (AKA Cheap warn) has a blown motor I was deciding on whether to replace the motor and seal the gearbox ($300+) or buy a new one.
I was reading up on the Roo Systems 7hp ($695) and the Runva 11xp ($649) and I was leaning towards the Runva with its warranty that covers water ingress when the Roo systems 7hp winch went on sale for $495 with free shipping. So I ended up saving the extra $154 and will probably invest that into a newer 80ch cb as my 40ch is ancient.

I'll post again soon when I receive the winch and will do a full unpacking review and will even strip it down to double check everything before instrallation and bare all for you guys.


Cheers Matt... good to hear... Let us know what you reckon... I run a Ridge Ryder 9500 and for $350 have had not a problem, and some heavy recoveries... Interested to hear some feedback on what you've got..

me too. I'm doing my research atm regarding what winch to get. so I'm all ears.
as long as it's capable of dragging a dirty great GQ out of the bog....eh Dan....

Well I have the winch already courtesy of a mate bringing it down from Brisbane.
I went to get the specs off the 4wdsupacentre site but interestingly they are no longer listed on their website. They must have wanted to get rid of them. I hope it's only because there is a newer model coming out.

I'll list all the details from the spec sheet when I find some free time from looking after my 1yr old

:EDIT I found the specs

12000LBS Features and Specifications
Single Line Rated Pull 12000lbs(5440kgs)
Motor 7hp/4.8kw.Series Wound
Main Body Sealed
Control Remote Switch, 12ft(3.7m)lead
Remote Control Included
Gear train 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Reduction Ratio 218:1
Clutch Keyway Cam
Braking Action Two way braking action in the drum
Cable 28m of 9.0mm diameter
Fairlead Hawse Fairlead
Battery Recomended:650CCA minimum for wiching
Battery Leads 2 Gauge, 72"(1.83mm)
Finish Dark Grey
Weight N.W.26kgs G.W 28kgs
Overall dimentions (L*W*H)21.1"x6.3"x8.6"(537x160x218mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 254x114.3mm

12000LBS Line Speed And AMP DRAW (First Layer)
Line Pull (kg) 0kg 1,814kg 2,722kg 3,629kg 4,536kg 5,443kg
Line Pull (lb) 0lb 4,000lb 6,000lb 8,000lb 10,000lb 12,000lb
Line Speed (ft/min) 33.3 16.8 12.8 10.1 8.8 7.6
Line Speed (m/min) 10.3 5.1 2.62 3.1 2.7 2.3
Motor Current(amps) 85 158 231 302 371 450

12,000lb Line Pull & Cable Capacity
Layers of cable 1 2 3 4
Rated line pull per layer 5440kg
12,000lb 4,170kg
9210lb 3,640kg
8,030lb 3,125kg
Cumulative cable capacity 5.1m
17ft 12.4m
41ft 21.7m
72ft 30m

Versus my old Magnum 9K (It's called a Tabor in other countries)

Part Number: 900560
Rated Line Pull: 9,000 lbs. (4080 kgs) single-line
Intended Use/Application: Vehicle Recovery / For Trucks and SUVs
Duty Cycle Rating:
Motor: Gen II, Series Wound
Remote Control: Remote switch, 12' (3.7m) lead
Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear ratio: 216:1
Clutch (freespooling): Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic Direct Drive Cone
Drum diameter/Length: 2.5"/9.0" (6.4cm/23cm)
Weight: 89 lbs. (36.3kgs.)
Wire rope: 100', 5/16" diameter (30m, 8mm diam.)
Fairlead: Roller
Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching
Battery leads: 2 gauge, 72" (1.83m)
Finish: Powder Coat

Line Pull
Lbs.(Kgs.) Line Speed
FT./min(M/min.) Motor
Current Pull by layer
0 29.5 (8.99) 71 amps 1/9000 (4082)
2000 (910) 13.7 (4.18) 185 amps 2/8190 (3715)
4000 (1810) 9.5 (2.90) 277 amps 3/7500 (3402)
6000 (2720) 6.8 (2.07) 372 amps 4/7010 (3180)
8000 (3630) 5.1 (1.55) 464 amps
9000 (4080) 4.5 (1.37) 508 amps

Above performance specs are based on first layer of drum

Winch Dimensions: 20.8" L. x 6.3" D. x 6.4" H. (528mm L. x 160mm D. x 182mm H.)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.0" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)

Andy andy andy... If you didn't keep directing me INTO the bogs....

^cheers Matt... Let us know how it goes real-world too...

Ok so I've finally gotten around to being able to install the winch.

As you will see in the pictures the unit is a comparable size the the Magnum 9k I had in there. While it is a little bit bigger it just fits snugly with a few mm spare on the drivers side between the motor and bullbar and plenty of room behind the winch to the radiator.

So upon stripping the winch down I can see that there is just enough grease to keep it happy inside. The seals were also greased ensuring no water should get in easily.
The solenoid is a design I am not familiar with but is apparently 500amp rated which is just enough as this unit can pull 450amps. A nice touch is the twist isolator which cuts power to everything and is close to the battery. The only annoyance there is having to open the bonnet when you know you will need to use the winch (nearly every trip for me )

One thing I did find annoying initially is that the controller needs to be mounted to the winch or very close by as the leads supplied would not allow me to install in in the same position as my Magnum's controller. So my work around for that was to mount it to the winch as designed and then move the plug up into the engine bay, now I could permanently mount the wireless receiver there and be done with it but I want the redundancy of being able to switch over to the wired controller should something go wrong with the wireless one.

As of now I am yet to use the winch in anger as I am waiting for my offset hawse fairlead to arrive as the bar was designed around steel cable and rollers so hopefully that will arrive by Friday 8/8/14 and I should have a real world test for you guys shortly after that.

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Good write-up and pics mate, cheers... The twist isolator looks like a flash bit of kit!! How easy was it to strip down?

Posted by: "HillsForThrills" at Good write-up and pics mate, cheers... The twist isolator looks like a flash bit of kit!! How easy was it to strip down?.

Cheers mate, I aim to please and be as informative as I can for others.

This isolator is a very basic type. But it ensures that your winch isn't always powered with dirty great big wires that if shorted out could burn your car to the ground in minutes, not to mention if you have the control box mounted externally other people can activate the winch by shorting out the pins. With this and my last winch I spent a lot of time making sure there was extra insulation around the cables where they had any rub points and cable tied it wherever possible to eliminate any movement.
I may upgrade this isolator it to a solenoid type in the future (not cheap for 500+amp solenoids) so that I can activate/deactivate it from within the cab. I'll also install switches inside the cab for the winch so I can operate it without having to leave the cab as well as being able to use the remote or the wired remote if I need to be outside the car for any reason while winching.

The stripdown is easy with a good allenkey set. This one was 7mm and 3mm from memory. To take the brake out would have required circlip pliers which I don't have. As with anything you do for the first time take your time with it and if you can take pics as you strip it down so you have a reference on how to put it back together becuase if you're anything like me I tend to forget little bits n pieces.

All winches should be run and serviced/inspected at least every 6months or after big recoveries and or water/mud immersion.

Happy Wheeling,

Cheers mate... Yeah, I run one of those Isolator Keys myself, mounted under-bonnet next to the battery... As you say, pop the bonnet to power the winch, but I do it before I get stuck, so no stuffin around if I need it... Also run all my cables through convoluted tubing, from the battery right to the winch, so no exposed cabling anywhere....
I'm also going to run in-cab controls with a power cut switch (missile style) for the in-cab rocker... I've mounted my Dad's solenoid under the bonnet and ran the plug back out to the bar and flush mounted it, so there's no external box... Also installed an isolator key at the same time, and will be running in-cab controls for his as soon as we get the time again... Maybe before Coffs, but he wants me to install a part-time 4WD kit in the Hunjy, so may be pressed for time...

So where can I get one as mine shit itself last year? I had a steel cable one. Should I stay with that or get one of these fancy dyneema rope ones?Steel or Dynema Rope whats better?

Posted by: "Bort" at So where can I get one as mine shit itself last year? I had a steel cable one. Should I stay with that or get one of these fancy dyneema rope ones?Steel or Dynema Rope whats better?.

They appear to have been removed from their website and sold out. There may be a few 4wd supercentres with them in stock but you'd have to ring around.
The Grande they are selling seems to be spookily similar in specs and appearance.
Grande winch at 4wdsupacentre

Dyneema is stronger and lighter than steel but prone to breakages as it can be cut easily and doesn't like being in the sun for years and years.
Steel is obviously heavier and a bit weaker than dyneema but it lasts forever (save for rust issues) and as it ages with use you will break individia strands of the cable so thats always fun when spooling in the cable. steel also stretches under load so if it does let got there is stored energy which can and has killed people.

So really there are only 2 advantages to steel. Longevitiy and won't snap (easily) if pulled on a sharp rock.

Whats wrong with your old winch? Mine just has a dead motor. everything else is fine

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