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How To Fix Firefox Black Screen Issue?

Mozilla Firefox is a widely adored web browser across the globe. Millions of users in the world use it. Due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features, people love using this web browser.  As with any technical service, it is natural to face any glitches every now and then. This is why, if you?re facing any issues, contact the Mozilla Firefox Helpline number for immediate assistance.
While using Firefox, if you come across the Black Screen Issue, here is how to resolve the problem. Let?s see what can be done to solve the issue:
? Try disabling specific Firefox settings which may be causing the issue.
? Uninstall any software which may be interfering with Firefox.
? Try scanning your system for viruses.
If the problem persists, feel free to reach out to the Mozilla Firefox Helpline number for step-by-step guidance, and the certified experts will patiently tackle the trickiest of concerns in a jiffy.
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