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Casino Mate ? Top Online Gambling Destination

Casino Mate ? Top Online Gambling Destination
Redistribution rate and volatility:
We can list the slot machines with the highest payout. But what is the redistribution rate and volatility?
The redistribution coefficient or the payment rate:
The principle is simple. This is the percentage of bets placed in the online slot that will be distributed. This is a percentage. You will find it constantly in the reviews of our slot machines. A slot machine with a payout ratio of 97% will return 97 dollars out of hundreds played!
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Attention, ahtung, be careful, simou lev - yes, I speak languages well ? This is a bet for all players during the so-called "long-term" period. This period is a trade secret. It should be understood that you can play for 5000 dollars and lose everything. On the other hand, it will benefit another player or several other players. It's unfair, but it's a game... Please note that casinos and publishers of gaming software act transparently and you will easily find the payout rate, RTB in English.
The level of volatility:
The level of volatility, which is often confused with the rate of redistribution, is something else. A characteristic feature of the slot machine is its tendency to pay often or rarely. "Often" means that it will be a small profit, and "rarely" means that the profit will be more.
Volatility reacts to three levels: small, medium and large.
A small level of volatility means that it often pays small amounts.
The average level of volatility means that it often pays average amounts.
High volatility means that it rarely pays out large amounts.
Instability is an integral part of the game mechanics. It is she who makes you gain strength with the help of small recurring winnings or is designed for high rollers who have the patience to take turns without them. reward, even if new slot machines know how to improve the game and make it wait. A small problem is that this bet is kept secret by publishers of gaming software and online casinos. Therefore, experience will provide this information. However, you can find player reviews on specialized forums.

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