My Air Mattress keeps going flat

Hey mates,

I had this problem with our air mattresses already a couple of times. We bought now 3 mattresses from different stores (Tent World, BCF, K-Mart) and every time these stupid things didn't last for more than two nights. They simply won't hold their air even though we couldn't find any holes (water trick, looking for bubbles) and no spiky or edgy things were laying around. Any ideas?

1mak i wonder if the slime punture repair stuff would work ?
1mak OP

I recently had a talk with one of the guys from Tent World. They told me, once we bought a new air mattress we should blow it up immediately and let it leave in the apartment for a couple of nights. Just put it on the floor and don't put any weight on it during that time. That way all the stitches and seams can get their flexibility and get in shape before getting used. Not sure if this is true but I might give this a shot. :)

P.S.: We have stretchers now so we can keep stuff under the sleeping place in the tent and everything looks neat and tidy. :)
Aaron Schubert

We use self inflating mattresses - if you get a good one, it will last you a long time. If somehow you manage to get a puncture, the foam still keeps you up a bit. They also insulate well from the ground

agreed aaron, i've got one of those in a king single and its the beans :)

From my understanding, ALL air mattresses will go flat after a couple of days... Mine does, and there are no leaks, it's just a quirk of their design I guess... Self-inflating ones are the go from what I hear... but then again, I must admit, I have never slept on anything better than my swag, no matter what the surface or temperature it's a good swag! Hehe...

self inflater matresses (the decent ones) are basically a swag mattress :)

Ah righto, well there ya go :)

hint....put the bung in when you finish blowing it up, helps immensely.
thank me later....

^ There's always one...

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