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P0190 & P0120

So I knew that I may have issues going for a lesser known foreign vehicle but the price was right. I had it breakdown a couple of weeks ago with error code P0190  (fuel rail pressure sensor) & P0120 (Throttle / Pedal Position Sensor. 

Later pulled the rail position sensor and cleaned with no change, disconnected battery and reconnected and it started. 

Decided to drive to work 80km about 25km in check engine light came on and limp mode. Disconnected battery and reconnect, vehicle would not start. Towed home.

Tried starting tonight when I got home would not start. Disconnect / Reconnect battery and started.

So it seems a sensor may be losing resistance when hot and failing. Will replace the 2 sensors giving errors and test drive. 

Enquires have found the fuel rail pressure sensor is not in the country and will take 2 to 6 weeks, will up date when they arrive.

Scoteye OP

problem fixed with replacement of the common rail fuel pressure sensor, will replace the TPS as well since I ordered it as well. Happy days though. 

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