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What should I choose?

I currently own a 2012 Tacoma V6 which im selling, its great but the reason im selling is because of the absolutely horrible fuel consumption. (~21L/100Km). Ive been looking for a different car and have narrowed it down to a 2016 2.5 Dmax (over a 2016 navara or a ranger) because of reliability, but i found a CRD 2008 Sahara 2 door which ive fallen in love with, but im afraid of making the wrong decision. I like going off road so a lift and at least 33 inch tires is a must (id love 35s if i got the jeep). Which one do you think would be better? Power is also something Im taking into consideration, price range on both is similar but id like to see what your opinion is, will I ruin the jeep's economy if I lift and get those tires? (i obviously expect a dip on mpgs but what should i expect?)  Are those jeeps reliable? Would love the feedback

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