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18. Dec. – 18. Dec. 2019

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A gulf nation that was once seen only as an oil producing country is now makings its name as a premium and accessible provider of health care. Many people in the Middle East are turning to Qatar when they want to seek healthcare. There are numerous medical clinics in Qatar that are catering to this growing population of international patients. People are seeking help for not just serious medical conditions but also for cosmetic treatments. Every medical center in Qatar must be certified by government authorities. The department of dermatology in Qatar has quickly expanded its services. In just a few years it has reached international standards in terms of service and skills both. Highly qualified and certified skin experts diagnose various skin and scalp related problems by looking at the medical history of the client and running comprehensive tests. Based on the tests and its through diagnosis, treatment is finalized and done. Facials, IV therapy aimed for skin rejuvenation, surgery, and laser treatments are the most popular. The dermatological treatment and assessment are sought by men and women equally. Dermatologists and skin specialist from around the world work in these medical clinics in Qatar. The Departments of Gynaecology in Qatar has many specialists from the Indian subcontinent serving in the capacity of doctors, nurses, and compounders. These departments are very well equipped to run basic tests like ultrasound scanning and antenatal screening. They also accurately diagnose gynecologic disorders.

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